About Columbus

Here are some resources to help you make the most of our next National Meeting:

1. Open Spaces Bring Light to Downtown Columbus (Link)
Written by Keith Schneider. One of the Columbus field trips that will be provided at CEOs for Cities National Meeting was covered in the New York Times. We’ll be featuring the River South and Scioto Mile as one of our tours and can expect to hear directly from the planners, partners, and pioneers who made it possible.

2. $50 million ‘Smart City Challenge’ finalists announced at SXSW (Link)
Written by Tim Stevens, In Austin, Texas, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has just unveiled the seven cities that are still in the running for $50 million in funding that could radically reinvent their streets.

3. Columbus Could Nail Its 10-year Economic Plan Before the Decade’s Up (Link)
In 2010, civic leaders from the Columbus, Ohio, region launched a 10-year plan with an aggressive set of four goals: Create 150,000 new jobs; attract $8 billion in capital investment; increase per capita income by 30 percent; and be recognized as a national leader in economic development.

4. Intelligent Community Forum Names Columbus, Ohio, USA 2015 Intelligent Community of the Year (Link)
ICF cites proof of “rebirth of hope” and city’s “revolutionary community” approach to new ideas Former Taichung mayor and Foreign Minister Dr. Jason Hu named Visionary of Year at 20th Anniversary of Intelligent Community Movement.

5. Hello, Columbus: Cities Woo Millennials (Link)
Cities are trying to lure millennials with internships, job fairs, and the promise of housing subsidies and student loan reimbursements. Some cities are even paying people to move there.

6. C-W City Columbus, Ohio (Link)
Columbus has had a number of innovative community wealth building efforts. For example, a community development corporation (CDC) intermediary, the Community Development Collaborative of Greater Columbus (The Collaborative), acts as an important conduit by providing financial support, training, and direct technical assistance to Columbus’s neighborhood-based community development corporations. Check out the article for an overview of community wealth building efforts.

7. When ‘Collaboration’ Is More Than a Buzzword (Link)
“Collaboration” is the order of the day in Ohio’s capital city, Columbus. It’s the word that Jim Fallows, Deb Fallows, and I heard most frequently when we visited Columbus for several days in early September for the American Futures reporting project. “Partnerships,” too. Collaboration and partnerships.

8. Columbus, Ohio Infographic (Link)
Learn some fun facts about the capital of Ohio that you may not have known before!

9. 5 Cities to Watch in 2016 Presidential Election (Link)
Big cities have always had their big pull and importance in presidential races. It’s pretty simple: More people, more votes, more time spent campaigning in those big cities. The candidate who takes Chicago and Cook County will more than likely get Illinois’ 20 electoral votes. Same can be said historically for Detroit and Michigan. Or even Boise and Idaho.

10. Columbus, Ohio: A Growing Mecca for Small Business (Link)
Written by Kate Rogers from CNBC. Hot Chicken Takeover is symbolic of the city it calls home. A supportive and determined yet humble place, with a group of leaders willing and eager to lift one another up for the greater good. That message is resonating, helping to bring talent and jobs to the city. The Columbus metro area ranked in the top 15 nationally for start-up activity on the Kauffman Foundation’s 2015 and 2016 start-up indexes, with nearly 72 start-ups for every 1,000 businesses in the area.